Your Parking Lot Waiting Room

For MedInformatix RIS/EHR!


Wait in Car automatically texts your patients on the day of their appointment, asking them to use a provided link to alert you of their arrival while they wait in their car. This allows you to manage the flow of patients into your facility, from a Check-In Monitor within MedInformatix.

When you are ready to invite your patients into your facility to complete registration, simply use the Monitor to send them a text.

Peace of Mind for Patients

Patients prefer to wait in their car and not a public waiting room

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Screening Questions

Prevent the spread.

It's Easy

Simple and fast to use on their mobile phone

Monitor check in status in MedInformatix

Integrated, no third party apps or workflow

Social Distancing

You control the patient flow into your facility

Customizable Message Texts

Your patients, your message.

Easy to use, mobile web site.

Patient arrives and simply clicks a link in the text message which launches the mobile friendly website.

  • Enter Date of Birth
  • Enter Phone Number
  • Answer Screening Questions
  • ...and click Check In!

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Screening Questions

Identify patients at risk.

  • Any contact with confirmed or quarantined COVID-19 individuals
  • Symptoms, including fever, cough, or breathing problems
  • Travel on flights, cruises or to affected areas recently

Check-In Monitor within MedInformatix

Wait in Car includes a Check-In Monitor screen for staff to track arrived patients, review screening information, and communicate with patients.

  • Monitor progress from arrival until appointment is finalized
  • Match unlinked patients
  • Send additional texts
  • Delete requests

Customizable Message Texts

Wait In Car is designed to send three customizable text messages to patients.

  • Message day of appointment with arrival check-in instructions and reminder to Wait in Car.
  • Confirmation message after they have used Wait in Car to complete arrival check-in.
  • Message inviting your patient to come into your facility.


Wait in Car is being offered at LOW per Patient Visit pricing to our valued MedInformatix customers. Please contact us at for a personalized pricing proposal.

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